About us

Kuba aims to formalize informal enterprises by providing them with digital business tools needed to facilitate easy access to market, while making it easier for corporate to work with small business owners.


Due to procurement policies and formalized contracting, small to informal enterprises who often have the necessary skills and experience to compete in the formal economy lack the access and visibility to receive substantial contracts and jobs. They often lack administrative and support services such as invoicing and project management tools which are growth limiting factors for them in a competitive and ever-changing market, as such these businesses are often relegated to the informal market.


Kuba addresses this problem by using smart tech to simplify trading between the formal and informal markets. Our platform provides free quoting and invoicing tools and facilitates the whole transaction from finding a suitable supplier to processing the payment through an accredited payment gateway to ensure maximum safety and transparency. The platform also serve as a supply chain management tool for big companies that want to work with small businesses to efficiently manage their decentralized procurement needs.


Our process to formalize informal enterprises and giving them access to tools needed to simplify how they trade as well as access to markets, results in more revenue for the businesses and the enterprise owners employing more people as well as investing back into their communities.

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