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Covid_19 has resulted in thousands of small businesses closing their doors, and now more than ever small business owners need to learn the art of building customer loyalty if they are to survive.

Building Customer Loyalty during Covid_19 Course, shares tips on how you as a business owner can build customer loyalty even during Covid_19 while keeping a distance and growing your sales.

At the best of times, gaining customer loyalty requires showing your customers that you can be trusted, and will go that extra mile. During uncertain times like those we are living through due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), it’s more important than ever to be there for your customers.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to grow your customers
  • Critical skills to keeping your customers happy
  • Growing your business

Topics for this course

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Embrace open, authentic communication?

A smile, a handshake, a joke shared — these are the small, personal reassurances we give each other every day. But a public health crises like the coronavirus pandemic require physical distance. Here’s how to help keep the customer loyalty going strong — even at a distance: Let’s look at each of these five ways you might earn loyalty by letting customers know they can count on you
Authentic Communication
Provide excellent customer service
Offer a customer rewards program
Create engaging social media campaigns
Offer coupons and discounts
Keep engaging with your Customer

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