SMMEs Covid-19 Survival Tips

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  • Last Update July 28, 2021

What Will I Learn?

  • Quick tips on how to get your business going during the lockdown
  • Learn how you can stop the spread of Covid_19
  • Find available support to small business owners

Topics for this course

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Tips for Small Business Owners during Covid_19?

Information to help small business owners navigate during Covid_19
Lesson 1: Work from home tips
Lesson 2: How to Safely Wear a Mask
Lesson 3: Coping with stress during Covid_19
Where to get support

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This is very helpful, thats good

To get support for help we need to to sefa, Seda also our bank to open businesses bank account ,FNB ,Absa etc

This is useful and important information for small business owners. Covid19 has changed the way of doing business. Knowing how to apply precautions is important and developing strategies when it comes to productivity that are adaptive to tackle challenges posed the the pandemic

Thank you for information


Target Audience

  • Small business owners

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