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With our extensive range of available services, we can set you up with exactly what you require. We will connect you to licensed entrepreneurs near you that suit your needs while facilitating local economic development.

About our electrician services


Whatever your electrical needs, with Kuba’s network of certified electricians, no job is too big or too small. We guaranteed a professional electrical job. We also offer a wide variety of handyman as well as plumbing services for homes and businesses.

I need an electrician near me.

Our electricians are fully certified to do the following:

Electric Fences
Electric appliance repair and installation
Electric fault detection and troubleshooting
Extractor fans
Faulty circuit breaker repairs and installations

Faulty light repairs and installation
Faulty power outlet repairs and installation
Garage door automation
Geyser repairs

Light control systems repair and installations
Residential COC(Certificate of Compliance)
Solar panels
Stove repair
Underfloor heating
Wiring repairs

I need my fridge repaired near me.

Our team is fully certified to fix any of the following:

Appliance repairs
Commercial fridge repair
Fridge compressor repair
Fridge dent repair
Fridge door repair
Fridge gas leak repair

Fridge seal repair
Refrigerator repair
Seal replacement
Walk-in fridge repair

We repair the following makes:

General electric
Sub Zero

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