Feeling like catering a big celebration?

It felt as if a lifetime had passed, but we have finally reached lockdown level 1. We are now allowed to have social gatherings with a up to 250 people indoors and 500 people outdoors, now is your time to shine.

Although level 1 is a bit more lenient, we should keep in mind that the COVID-19 virus is still a very real threat so it is crucial that we take appropriate precautions at these events?

In order to limit the spread and exposure to COVID-19 face masks should be worn by every person attending the gathering. Social distancing of at least one and a half meters from each other should always be applied. Sanitising and disinfecting products should be easily accessible throughout the event. Any other health protocols and social distancing measures as provided for in directions issued by the relevant Cabinet member after consultation with the Cabinet member responsible for health should be obeyed. An owner or operator of any indoor or outdoor facility where gatherings are held must display the certificate of occupancy which sets out the maximum number of persons the facility may hold.

Where to start with organising your post-lockdown event?

Did you know there are over 40 catering companies in Cape Town alone to choose from? And over 60 event managing companies in Johannesburg? How do you know which one to choose?

Kuba offers you the best way to find & work with local small businesses. We have a list of micro-entrepreneurs who can assist in all your events and catering needs. Are you worried that it would cost you a small fortune like when hiring those big events and catering companies? No worries, you can request a quote from a local contractor or supplier to do work in your home or personal capacity for a fraction of the cost.

You are probably thinking that lower cost means lower quality. How do you know if these service providers are reliable? The Kuba website has a reviews section where you will find all the recent comments and star ratings according to the quality of service previous clients have experienced.

Kuba is not restricted to a specific area. We show results for catering and event management companies throughout South Africa. No more Google searches are needed for “event and catering companies near me” when Kuba is the easier and more trustworthy option.

And just because the companies listed are local small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs, it does not mean they only cater for small events. They manage and cater for events as small as birthdays up to weddings and corporate events.

Kuba isn’t just for the individual looking for services but also for businesses and organisations

We offer great opportunities for corporates/organisations seeking to procure from local businesses. You can use our e-procurement platform to directly procure local service providers. We would like to encourage your business to register a profile so that you can track all your procurement spend.

Why should your corporate company make use of locally sourced micro-entrepreneurs?

Research and development can be inconvenient for a large business, but many creative ideas often come from small, nimble businesses. Being a socially responsible company can reinforce your company’s image and build your brand. It also increases customer loyalty. It can attract top-tier employees and can also contribute to sustainable community development. It enhances business performance and provides outstanding opportunities to build relationships with business partners. Finally, it helps stabilise the economic and social environment.

We can be the answer to your events and catering needs. Do not fear, Kuba is here!

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