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If you want a thing done well… DON’T do it yourself. Trying to do your own handyman work doesn’t always go according to plan. Sometimes it’s better to leave it to the professionals.

Kuba allows consumers to get easy access to locally sourced entrepreneurs. No one can predict when your kitchen tap is going to stop working, your fridge starts making weird sounds or the lightbulb in your bathroom starts flickering. That’s why it’s a good idea to know you have a trustworthy handyman near you.

Some problems can’t wait until the next morning. Need your emergency electrical problem solved at 22h00? No problem! We have a list of micro-entrepreneurs who can assist in all your handyman needs, whether you need a 24-hour emergency plumber or just a handyman to fix your elderly mother’s kitchen cupboard.

Allowing people to work in your home and personal space can be concerning for homeowners, especially if it’s a 24h service and you need to make a call out for late at night.

How do you know these service providers are reliable?

Kuba has a rating section on their website that provides the most recent comment and star ratings based on the quality of service received by customers before you. Aside from the ratings, Kuba also assesses that the entrepreneurs making use of our platform have done related work before and were recently active, ensuring you are dealing with experienced and reliable contractors at all times. It is our mission to give you access to a trustworthy network of service providers. This also gives you the opportunity to get reliable service within your budget.

Lower cost does not have to mean lower quality!

Even though these are micro-entrepreneurs from small businesses, it doesn’t mean they are not up to scratch for takin on work for bigger corporate companies. Many of them have learned their trade doing exactly this type of work but working for someone else. Now, they have taken the risk to go it alone by starting their own businesses.

Does your company need an on-call handyman, plumber or electrician who’s available for your 24-hour maintenance needs?

Kuba also connects corporations with capable BEE compliant suppliers. We offer great opportunities for corporates and organisations seeking to procure from local businesses. You can use our e-procurement platform to directly procure local service providers. And as an added benefit if you register a profile you will be able to track all your procurement spend. Kuba can also be seen as a convenient one stop shop for corporations and businesses of any size. You can request one query and have several contractors get back to, giving you the perfect opportunity to source within your budget.

Kuba powers South Africa’s fastest growing and most accessible small business ecosystem of township entrepreneurs.

Townships are a wealth of skilled labour like electricians, plumbers, handyman services and builders. Kuba tries to facilitate these entrepreneurs by putting them in touch with individuals and businesses who require their expertise. Through these small businesses get access to tools, network and opportunities that helps them professionalise and grow their businesses.

At Kuba our objective is to stimulate local economies and communities through job creation in the townships, by creating opportunities for existing township entrepreneurs to expand, and for new entrepreneurs to emerge as well as to increase the income returns from economic activity including for workers employed in such enterprises.

Are Kuba’s services restricted to a specific area or province?

No, we show results for professional contracting companies in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Free State, Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

It’s hard to find the right handyman when doing a quick google search and more than 3 million results are available in Cape Town alone. Do it the easy way. Do it the Kuba way! Do it now.

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