Job Booster Program

Unlocking the potential of small business owners

Job Booster Program aims to unlock the potential of small business owners, taking advantage of the entrepreneurial spirit of the candidates, with business training as well as GrowMyBiz Starter Kit tools to empower and build sustainable small businesses that drive employment...

“This job booster program should not be viewed as a contest, but rather as a call to action, to reducing the level of unemployment” Jacques Sibomana – Founder & Director at Kuba Technologies

About the Job Booster Program

Kuba connects small business owners to opportunities around them while connecting them to tools needed to improve their businesses.

The Job Booster Program aims to accelerate job creation through supporting and empowering micro-enterprises. Our goal is that each candidate will create one job in his/her community after completing the program.

The program will enable individual to launch small businesses, increase revenue for themselves and create jobs for others. The program will provide the necessary tools that increase the potential of these businesses to grow, as well as the information and skills required to manage a small business.

Apply to join the Job Booster Program

We are looking for African entrepreneurs that are working to create jobs in their communities, with businesses that have the potential to create more jobs or improve their communities.

Application is currently closed.

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