Marketing for Small Businesses

Why do you really need to market yourself?

Kuba Technologies believes that getting to know your customer/consumer is vital. You must know their wants, how they feel about your product or service and if they trust you. The goal is to see your work being valued by the customer. In the new age we see this value through reviews on social media and the persistence of the on-going clientele.

This post will highlight the effective ways to engage with your customer, how marketing and Public Relations work together and how marketing keeps you relevant.

What is Marketing and why is it so important? 

Marketing is the strategies, activities and even communication that promote your products, services and offerings to a specific target market. Marketing has evolved from just marketing plans and strategies, above and below the line marketing and long lists of specific processes to follow. Marketing has become a whole discipline with many parts to it, content marketing, social media marketing and digital marketing. Although these “new” parts are welcome, the core of marketing still needs to match the goals of the business, needs of the customer and ensure profitability.

Marketing as an effective way to engage with your customers

Keeping the communication lines between business and customer open-and-easy is necessary. Engaging with customers is not the same as pushing your product or service. Engagement often involves feeding your customers with the right information about your products and services as well as creating fresh content. For example, if you run a plumbing business, you will engage with your customers beyond fixing the plumbing problem, you can start to teach them quick Plumber DIY tips. 

Always give new information to your customers. Give them something they will enjoy reading and are interested in, always make it worth their time. Show them that you care and that you stand out from your competitors. A catering business could list recipes of products or how to decorate your home. 

Online behaviour has changed over the years. Customers prefer visual aids in getting their message across, such as short videos and other humour laden tricks to keep customers engaged. Regular engagement with your customers creates a sense of belonging. It builds a community. Communities support one another.


Marketing assists in building and maintaining the company’s reputation

How your business grows and expands over the years is often related to your business’s reputation. Reputation determines your brand equity. 

When your business’s reputation properly reaches the expectation of the customers, it will be held in high regard amongst the community. The customers become proud to be associated with your business and its products or services.  Marketing practitioners use communication, branding and PR strategies to make sure that the company’s reputation is not stained in anyway. 

Marketing helps your business to remain relevant

Every marketer understands the need for disrupting a potential consumer’s opinion about other products. A lot of businesses assume that they will always be the go-to brand for their customers because they have never complained. You always have to find innovative ways to maintain your position as your customer’s favourite brand. Just like any other relationship, maintenance is key.

Don’t focus on gaining new customers before addressing the need to retain your existing consumer.

Why marketing is important in beating your business rivals

The most effective way to gain competitive advantage over your competition is aggressive and smart marketing. You however should not be sleazy or negative while marketing against your competitor. Just simply research what your target market is expecting from you and your business and always find new and improved ways to deliver your product or service to them. 

If you are offering a product or service that is new to the market, you will need to be more aggressive and mostly strategic. 

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